We are Wilmington’s Popcorn Shop Since 1987 (formerly Vic’s Corn Popper)

Featured Products

Port City Cheddar

Old Bay makes any seafood lover rejoice.  We topped our cheddar popcorn with it and crafted something special!


Who doesn't love BBQ chips?  Why not eat popcorn with your sandwich today instead?  Go ahead, try it with our BBQ flavor.

Buffalo Wing

If you like buffalo wings, you will want to come back for more of our Buffalo flavor!  Tangy with just a little bit of a kick on the end.  The secret is our...wait, we cannot tell you our secret!

Dill Pickle

Mouth watering vinegary dill flavor that will have you reaching back in the bag time and again.

Bacon BBQ

Your mouth waters just thinking about this savory snack!  Goodbye chips, hello POPcorn!  Poor piggies.


What do you think of when you think "popcorn?"  Most people would say "Butter!"  You're in luck!  We've got you covered...in butter! Try it mixed with one of our confections for a party in your mouth flavor combo!

2 Gal Tin

Custom build your tin of popcorn here and we will put it together for you to pick up or we can ship it to your house.  Price starts at 19.59

Yellow Cheddar

Yellow cheddar cheese.  Just saying it makes you hungry.  This classic flavor has been a part of the popcorn tradition for ages!  Ask us to mix this with some Caramel for a "Chicago Style" delight!