If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us at Midtown Pop.  We’re happy to help.

Are you Vic's?
We used to be named Vic’s Corn Popper but we changed our name to Midtown Pop.  You can read Our Story to learn more.
What are the delivery charges for orders from Midtown Pop?
Delivery charges depend on the size and weight of the item.  We typically use USPS as our delivery service provider.  Usually Priority Mail is the best option.
Which payment methods are accepted at Midtown Pop?
We accept all major credit cards.  If you come into the shop we can also take cash or check.
How long will delivery take?
Normally we ship your order the following day USPS priority mail which is 2 day shipping.
What exactly happens after ordering?
We receive your order on our ordering system and get busy crafting it by hand that day.  The following day it will go out into the mail for 2 day delivery.
Can you custom mix an order?
We are happy to custom mix any popcorn order.  That is one of our signature services!